my favorite books


table of contents


1「マシューの見てきた世界」Matthew Chozick

2「The Time Traveler's Wife」Audrey Niffenegger

3「A Quiver Full of Arrows」Jeffrey Archer

4「To Cut a Long Story Short」Jeffrey Archer

5「Cosmopolitans」W. Somerset Maugham

6「a collection of short stories by Maugham1」Somerset Maugham

7「JUDO Club Story」Makoto Kobayashi

8「The Moon and Sixpence」Somerset Maugham

9「a collection of short stories by Maugham2」Somerset Maugham

10「Cakes and Ale」Somerset Maugham

11「英語の発想がよくわかる表現50」Akio Namekata

12「Insufficient Direction: Hideaki Anno X Moyoco Anno」Moyoco Anno

13「The Sacred Flame」Somerset Maugham

14「Lady Frederick」Somerset Maugham

15「Short stories by Maupassant」Guy de Maupassant

16「Tell Tale」Jeffrey Archer

17「And Thereby Hangs a Tale」Jeffrey Archer